About Azure Day Spa

Hello, my name is Carly Kendall and I established Azure Day Spa in 2007. I am a Master Esthetician with over 17 years of skin care experience. I am the sole owner and operator of Azure Day Spa. I pride myself in being able to offer a broad range of specialized luxury spa treatments in a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere. Inviting you into a world of beneficial skin care and therapeutic relaxation, I strive to have this experience be unforgettable and completely fulfilling.

I proudly support, have extensive knowledge in and actively use PHYTOMER and Glymed Plus products in my spa.


I feel very fortunate to be doing something that I love. 

I have been very honored and grateful to have received several awards, performance based scholarships, and recognition for my work in the skin care field. I was invited to study at the prestigious PHYTOMER Institute in St. Malo France where I fell even deeper in love with the sea based organic skin care line. I was also invited to study at the Glymed Plus Institute where I continued to enhance my knowledge of the organic, pharmaceutical grade chemical line.


I was nominated and won the Best Facial Award from KSL Locals and I am constantly and continually attending seminars and classes to continue to grow and expand my knowledge of skin care. 


I am a Utah native and love all that Utah has to offer. I truly love people, skin care, products and being a business owner. I currently reside in Park City. I have a Torte cat named Milldred who is full of sass and a mutt dog named Ambrosias who I affectionately refer to as "dork dog". Milldred has made it very clear that we are guests in her home.